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We have daily potential to improve our communication, rev up our creativity, and surpass expectation so that we work more effectively, build a sustainable system, and thrive in our industry. The world is changing at such a rapid pace, that if we work together in the ways that we’ve always worked together, if we are only doing “just enough” to get by, then we will get left behind in the dust by our industry peers. The truth is: we’ve got a constant opportunity to create phenomenal projects, products, and experiences —  with our clients, our teams, and our employees. Bronkar Lee and Aaron Williams (as Collision of Rhythm) have the magical combination of an on-stage performance background, keynote experience, facilitation training, and award-winning teaching qualifications. With a deep understanding of what it takes to work with others, they have identified the specific components of what propels our collaborations out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Collision of Rhythm incorporates drumming, tap dancing, rhythmic juggling, marimba, piano, saxophone, flute and more, filling the stage like a 12-person ensemble. In a captivating and interactive way, they demonstrate what’s possible when remarkable teamwork is present, and they give your audience the tools to boost their own collaborative processes and teamwork skills for exceptional results. This world-class, jaw-dropping presentation will have them buzzing with possibilities long after the event is done.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Level up your communication skills for a more effective exchange of ideas

  • Capitalize on the value of unique perspectives present in teams

  • Maximize the strengths of partners, rather than focus on their weaknesses

  • Leverage and build upon your unique skill set to increase the value of your contributions

  • Amplify creativity for more fluid problem-solving

  • Refine your collaborative process to handle roadblocks with ease

  • Build a culture that identifies hidden opportunity, realizes potential, and thrives when working together

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